Every movie I see these days is filled with forbidden words to the extent it’s very boring.

People in my circle of friends use those words only rarely. But my impression is that most young people use them routinely.

Some cannot finish a sentence without using the f-word. Those folks are unable to express themselves.

Would you hire someone like that to represent you? Big mistake! Articulate people save those words for when they really need them.

When I was 15 and 16, I worked for a retired Army Capt. Edgar. He never used forbidden words which really impressed me.

After I had been with him for two summer seasons, we had an incident after which he held his breath, gritted his teeth, shook both fists and finally exploded by shouting “darn.”

I thought “Wow, Edgar is really mad. I’d better be on my best behavior.”

If he had said “damn,” I would have hit the ground running.

One should practice expressing himself without using curse words or slang. You will not get into the circles of power otherwise.

You need a broad vocabulary and practice carefully, thoughtfully and articulately expressing yourself. That along with being well groomed and carefully dressed are what is necessary to be noticed and to succeed.

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