Here’s an interesting point to ponder regarding Vladimir Putin and Russia. Since the end of World War II, Russia has grown to resent America’s global leadership role and the high esteem most non-communist countries have held for us.

Our military might and economic prowess have served as a potent but benevolent force dedicated to maintaining stable and peaceful international relations.

During that time, Russia has been persistent; ever-watchful, ever-probing for weaknesses and opportunities to insert their influence in areas where corrupt leadership can be manipulated and transformed into puppet regimes.

Five years ago, if Putin could have imagined a perfect degenerative scenario for his arch adversary, he would see total disruption of the democratic process led by a subservient proxy who, supported by a network of enablers, systematically destroys the structure and functionality of American government from within.

It is, in fact, an undeclared war being conducted and orchestrated by Putin which is active and ongoing. Because there is no overt display of violence and physical threat for American citizens to see, they do not recognize the true destruction taking place right under their noses.

Instead, they have become conditioned to focus on hyped-up, sensationalized distractions meant to divert attention and create cover for the silent war taking place. The danger to America is as real as bombs and rockets and invading forces.

The damage already done is significant. We’re all waiting for someone to lead the counterattack and bring us to our senses.

Who is it going to be?

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