When political party loyalty triumphs over adherence to moral and ethical principles and when ideological orthodoxy supplants human decency to retain power, the door opens wide for an abusive leader to crash through the guardrails of democracy.

When otherwise decent Americans are blind to presidential malfeasance happening in plain sight or behind a curtain of lies and deceit, and when a president places himself above the law with the unwavering support of his political toadies, American democracy dies.

When legislators entrusted with Constitutional oversight of the executive branch of government fail to do so, they render the Constitution obsolete.

We see obsequious enablers trade their integrity to be in the good graces of Presidential Trump: Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Rudolph Giuliani, Mitch McConnell, our own former Gov. Fallin and more recently William Barr.

Our Constitution was designed to avoid the political crisis America is now in. Our current president wants to be our king.

The Founders believed in the will of the people to produce good leadership. They created a government of checks and balances to protect us against tyranny.

Today these principles of democracy are under siege. It will take brave humans with integrity, fortitude and a sense morality to restore American democracy to what the Founders envisioned.

For that to happen, Americans must wake up to the threat we’re under and get involved.

It’s past time for people of good will and integrity to get in the game and vote out the tyrant and his faithful lemmings.

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