As it has grown in size, it has grown in popularity.

The wilderness area averages between 20,000 and 25,000 visitors a month, according to River Parks estimates. People go to walk, hike, bike and run. Some take their pets along, others ride their horses. The wilderness area has about 6.7 miles of designated trails, but there are many, many more miles of unmarked paths forged by visitors over the past four decades.

Many years ago, Mohawk Park had a fabulous system of equestrian riding trails.

Since then, one man has had the dream and desire to re-create them, but it is too large a job for one person. He is retiring from the job.

Horse owners and riders have very limited places locally to ride, and Mohawk Park could flourish again with a little help. Perhaps jail inmates could help keep trails clear, as they help maintain roadways.

The Oklahoma Equestrian Trail Riding Association may be willing to assist the city of Tulsa, but we need local horse people to pull together support for this project before it again falls into neglect and disrepair.

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