The U.S. has been the greatest country on this planet since its inception. Our Constitution begins with the words “We the people,” which defines who governs our country.

However, the socialist-communist-Democratic Party of today represents a severe risk to our basic values. They want open borders, free college, health care for undocumented immigrants, the Green New Deal, higher taxes, etc.

These proposals are all anti-American and anti-capitalism. If implemented, these will destroy us.

Our country was founded on the norm of equality and the opportunity to allow the highest aspirations and goals be achieved. There is neither mention of handouts nor the guarantee of success.

We have always stood for liberty and individual rights, which we have defended many times during our history. We have to be selective concerning who we allow into the country.

Look at Congress; the infiltration of those catering to Sharia law, anti-Semitism and socialism (communism) should concern all Americans.

We have fought communism, socialism, Nazism and radical Islam. Today, they walk our halls of Congress advocating for the destruction of the American way of life.

The communist-socialist-Democratic party wants us to be dependent on government, which will eventually destroy our freedom.

Carlos E. Galvez, Broken Arrow

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