After picking up my $95 monthly copay prescription, I just happened to see a notice in teeny little letters on the side of the bottle: Manufactured in India.

That sent me to my other prescription bottles to see where they were made. Besides India, the others are from Japan and Switzerland.

Big Pharma tries to justify the obscene amounts of money it charges as the cost of research. Then why are they developing medicine for a condition that hasn't been seen in this country for 40 years?

I highly resent that we citizens are paying the highest prices in the world for medications.

It is illegal for us to purchase them from another country.

If it is made in India or Japan and imported to America to be sold, then why is it against the law for an individual to buy drugs from India or Japan?

Also, why can't Medicare negotiate prices with drug makers? It seems to be OK for the military to negotiate for the drugs it uses.

I checked the medication bottles that my dogs take. Know where they are made? In the U.S.

Suzanne Rausch, Broken Arrow

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