Our community, state, University of Tulsa alumni and students should applaud the bold work of TU President Gerard Clancy, Provost Janet Levit and trustees in taking critically important steps that will helpTU grow and prosper for the long-term.

While change can be uncomfortable, all institutions must evolve and innovate to meet the ever-evolving needs of those they serve. The actions being undertaken appear to be based on market demand, talent needs of employers, projected declines in the number of degree-seeking students nationally and TU’s strengths.

Sixteen of TU’s many undergraduate degree programs have produced only 135 graduates over the past five years. Although those programs contribute to the body of knowledge, that is less than 1.7 graduates per year for each of those majors, all of which have to be a significant drain on financial resources.

While TU is blessed with an amazing and effective endowment because of the generosity of loyal donors, any business person knows that changes to programs that are a sizable drain must be made to ensure long-term sustainability.

TU’s True Commitment initiative is a step in the right direction building upon the university’s strengths, allowing the university to grow and contributing to the success of our community by producing high-quality graduates to help run our businesses.

 Bravo to Clancy and TU leaders for making recommendations that will help ensure long-term viability and success in fulfilling the mission of the university for decades to come!

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