Oh Please! Tulsa World’s cartoonist Bruce Plante once again spews his hatred of all things Donald Trump.

He wants us to believe that unaccompanied minors, who cross our border, are housed in dog crate cages. This is outlandishly false.

These children are fed, clothed and given medical treatment. They have a warm and safe place to sleep.

Yes, they are surrounded by chain link fences, but this is for their protection. They are separated from criminals who traffic them across the border to gain entry into our country.

These children are abused and used as pawns. Ironically, these detention facilities were constructed during the Obama administration.

If Plante had one ounce of integrity or bothered to do any research, he would know that portraying these children in dog crates is just wrong.

Our immigration system is terribly broken, but a false portrayal does nothing to open dialogue. How dare Plante use children to further his bias.

Oh, how I long for the Tulsa Tribune.

Lorenda Stetler, Tulsa

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