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As a retired widower, in order to meet other singles I became a member of an online dating service.

Much of it is good, and I have met some very fine people, but beware and use caution.

Anyone can post pictures, and pictures can be copied from social media sites.

In some cases, I was contacted by “females” who had very attractive pictures and claimed affection for me. They had all kinds of excuses for not meeting and eventually claimed difficulties and sought thousands of dollars for help.

Of course, it is unwise to send any money to a person you have never met. One can also do an image search on Google to see if the pictures are legitimate.

Some websites are total scams and create fake profiles of women (or men) to get you to spend money buying credits to email these very attractive people.

Soon one discovers all these people have numerous excuses not to meet with you. Even when they invite you over (no address), they will not meet with you because, I suspect, they were never the people in the pictures.

After a few experiences and an investigation, I discovered that some of these “women” were listed as “now online” 24 hours a day for several days in a row.

Evidence seemed to show that these were fictitious accounts operated by a team of people with a script and were not legitimate members at all.

Let the buyer beware!

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