District 4 City Councilor Kara Joy McKee. COURTESY

Councilor Kara Joy McKee’s recent comments making unsubstantiated assertions of being the true voice of officers from her district about the creation of the Office of the Independent Monitor, instead of their labor unions, while making unfounded accusations citing unnamed sources, is utterly unconvincing and untrustworthy ("Councilor says officers frustrated with FOP's response to mayor's oversight proposal," Aug. 1).

Her pandering dog-whistle politics regurgitating stale anti-labor tropes about old, out-of-touch union bosses and how organized labor should be shut out of the political process ought to be more than enough to call her progressive credentials into question.

A real progressive wouldn’t resort to scapegoating organized labor just to score cheap political points by pandering to the political fringes in a desperate Hail Mary attempt to gain traction in an unsuccessful campaign for an unpopular idea. It's like a losing Democratic primary candidate trashing President Obama in presidential debate.

True progressives don’t engage in baseless smear attacks against a labor union for acting to protect their collective-bargaining rights.

Her recent unbelievably outlandish attacks on the Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police ought to call her credibility into question. 

As a lifelong District 4 voter, Councilor McKee doesn’t speak for me either.

District 4 deserves better than her desperately unethical misdirections, misrepresentations and manipulations.


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