Tulsa County Jail

A criminal justice reform measure aimed at changing the bail process continues to roll through the legislature. SB 252 by Sen. Roger Thompson, R-Okemah, is aimed at addressing criticisms of the current bail system that it unnecessarily jails impoverished individuals for low-levels crimes pending trial because they can’t afford bail. JOHN CLANTON/Tulsa World

Cash bail works. There is no need for bail reform ("Tulsa World editorial: Reform Oklahoma's unsustainable cash bail laws," May 19).

Check your facts: 90% of those with a bail bondsman came back to court, and 50% in pretrial released on their own recognizance, or just a promise, did not come back to court. Therefore, it is at the expense of taxpayers to try and apprehend the defendant.

Somebody needs to tell the other side of this story that the Tulsa World keeps grandstanding for.

Editor's Note: David Hale is the owner of Hale Bail Bonds in Catoosa.

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