On Sept. 20, a Tulsa Community College counselor reached out to a friend; someone she knew through social media and networking events.

The counselor knew of this person’s character and values through his comments on social media. She had a student who had many needs, the largest of which was their van. It helped them get to the grocery store, school and doctor appointments.

During the phone call, the counselor shared the trouble the student had with their vehicle.

How the story unfolded, was unexpected.

The friend was the owner of Christian Brothers Automotive in Tulsa Hills. The counselor mentioned an alternative funding source to be allocated to Christian Brothers for their work.

Christian Brothers was not only kind to the student, they received zero dollars for parts, labor and towing.

That funding was only enough to keep the student’s electricity on.

The counselor knew that small, locally owned businesses need compensation to survive. She was devastated.

She noticed a post on his Facebook page shortly after she contacted him that read, “When you can’t find the sunshine, BE the sunshine.”

Though it summed up what she knew about him, it didn’t negate the fact that Christian Brothers was not compensated.

I am that counselor. I am forever changed as I witnessed such sacrifice on the part of a business.

I plead with Tulsa to tout the integrity of a company that walks the talk of their values. Let Russ and Debbie Knight know that we are in awe of their selfless generosity.

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