Golf Courses

Golfers tee off at the first hole at the Page Belcher Golf Course in west Tulsa. City officials are holding a public meeting Tuesday to discuss possible funding options for municipal golf courses. STEPHEN PINGRY/Tulsa World file

A meeting was hosted by Tulsa City Councilor Jeannie Cue on Tuesday, and citizens were given the same answer: We do not have enough money.

At least the city is consistent with its only answer regarding its golf courses.

It is apparent golf is at the bottom of the priority list for all city officials from the mayor to the parks director.

The problem is the spiral continues down.

Maintenance is deferred or omitted, and fertilizer and weed prevention will keep going down. There is no sense of image or marketing at the city for the courses.

The city does no promotion, public relations or packaging and wonders why play at the courses is going down.

Surely, there are reasons for golf to be in decline, but we are just letting it go.

The Page Belcher Golf courses in design are superior layouts. They could be marketed to tournaments for all ages.

Come on, Tulsa, let’s implement a strategy.

Install new fences, clean up the entrance, improve the fairways and greens and market the dickens out of the assets we have.

The Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce used to promote tourism for Tulsa. Does it still do that?

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