Bruce Plante Cartoon: From the North Pole

Bruce Plante Cartoon: From the North Pole, Santa’s workshop, shrinking Polar ice cap, climate change, global warming, Plante 20161222

John Brock’s letter (Global warming not a new phenomena,” June 4) critiqued the editorial column from a Booker T. Washington High school student (Kip Rabinowitz: Young Americans know who will have to live with the consequences of global climate change, and they want action now,” May 26). I had not read the student’s column however it is likely more accurate.

Here are some corrections to statements in the letter.

To the contrary, climate science is well-founded and accepted worldwide.

To reach "absolute" in science is a high bar, but scientists accept man-made carbon dioxide as being the primary source of global warming with 95% certainty.

Global warming has been occurring for 12,000 years, yes, but not at the extreme rate as the last 250 years.

Yes, over millions of years there is a change in the amount of energy the Earth receives from the sun due to orbital variations. This was first published by Milutin Milanković in 1914.

I am 77-years-old and a student of earth sciences. I have found young people have a greater understanding of climate change than the old folks.

I tip my hat to the students of Booker T Washington High School.

Charles Kacmarcik, Tulsa

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