When Kevin Hern got elected in November 2018, he became the U.S. Representative of Oklahoma Congressional District 1, giving him a responsibility to listen to all his constituents and address their concerns. 

When he’s not, he’s letting the community he represents down.

So in a Facebook post recently on Hern’s page, he said he “had great discussion” at a town hall with organizations around Tulsa.

I find it very concerning as a Latin American to see a lack of diversity in the people in attendance. I want to know where were the leaders from Hispanic and black organizations?

Were they even invited? I don’t see how this could have been good discussion if some people were excluded from the conversation.

I wonder who Hern thinks he represents. Tulsa is a diverse community of people, and they’re not all white.

I really hope I’m wrong, but so far he’s proven to only care about his wealthy white constituents.

Furthermore, he has made it clear by his lack of response to emails that having conversations with constituents like myself are not important enough for him to take the time to speak to.

If he expects to be a representative of Tulsa for another term, he needs to be a better leader and engage with all of his constituents and not just for the ones who voted for him or donate money to him.


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