Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy: Gain of 320 students

When it was time to send my son, Bastien, off to kindergarten, I was terrified. Bastien was diagnosed with severe eczema and a host of life-threatening allergies before he turned 1.

Only eight hours into his first day of class, it became clear that the uncontrolled environment of a brick-and-mortar school couldn’t accommodate his needs.

Fortunately, online school has provided a welcome alternative for Bastien to continue his education.

Since I enrolled him at Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy I have peace of mind knowing that he’s learning in a safe environment that won’t trigger his allergies. Attending public school from home is also enriching his learning experience.

He’s able to adjust his schedule around his medical needs so he doesn’t have to worry about missing a lesson. There are so many real-world opportunities to enhance his education when he isn’t tied to a desk for half a day.

By visiting museums and historic sites and seeing things in-person, he’s unlocking his full learning potential and not just text in a book.

Watching Bastien’s eyes light up when he understands something and watching him learn and grow is nothing short of magic. With online school, this is my reality every day.

As the new school year begins, I urge all parents to consider online school as an alternative to help kids succeed.

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