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A bipartisan group of legislators propose making needle exchange legal as a way to reduce hepatitis C and HIV invection. MATT BARNARD/Tulsa World file

With the continued decline of quality public education in Oklahoma, my granddaughter moved to a private school, thanks to the generosity of her other grandparents.

This decline is wholly the result of inadequate funding by our single-party run state government. Why?

In the early 2010s, three consecutive tax cuts that mainly benefited the wealthy helped produce a budget deficit.

The answer from the GOP-led state House was the steepest education cuts in the nation.

Our state government put more money in the pockets, bank accounts and IRAs of the wealthy and paid for it with cuts to our children's already desperate public education system. Fair?

I'm old enough to remember all the various sin-tax schemes our government put before the people under the auspices of "funding education."

"We're going to use this money to fix education." Ha! Liquor-by-the-drink: "What, are you against our children's education?"

The same ruse for pari mutuel horse racing, casino gambling, Las Vegas-style table games, the lottery, increased taxes on tobacco and now medical marijuana.

How gullible are we?

If half those promises had been kept, Oklahoma wouldn’t have 46% of high school graduates failing to meet the minimum benchmark in any single academic category on ACT college entrance exams.

Oklahoma will not be a top 10 state without increasing taxes on those most able to pay. Highly unlikely due to the super majority vote requirement imposed by the GOP House.

Adjust your sights, sadly we ain't going near the top 10.

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