Approximately two years ago, QuikTrip advised the Lewiston Gardens neighborhood of plans to build on the southeast corner of 15th Street Lewis Avenue.

Neighbors were dismayed over an addition to this already congested intersection. While neighbors knew there was little to prevent the plans, they repeatedly asked QuikTrip to close its curb cut onto Lewis Place.

Retaining this curb cut will invite patrons to exit and enter by traveling through the neighborhood. Despite pleas to the construction manager, store development vice president and QuikTrip's chairman and CEO, it insists on retaining this curb cut.

QuikTrip officials say the curb cut cannot be eliminated because it doesn’t put curb cuts in front of canopies due to potential traffic congestion around gas pumps.

This location is unique: The store entrance faces away from the pumps, making more room around pumps for traffic flow compared to its other stores. There may be some small benefit to retain the curb cut but retaining it will do enormous harm to Lewiston Gardens.

QuikTrip officials say there are five criteria when deciding to undertake projects. Among those are: Is it the right thing to do? Is it the right thing for QuikTrip?

QuikTrip argues keeping the curb cut is the right thing for QuikTrip. Clearly, QuikTrip is on a power trip if it thinks what’s right for itself is paramount to doing the right thing.

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