Currency is not only relevant in the physical world but also in the spiritual world. Just like currency can be used in the physical world to purchase either good things or bad, the same holds true in the spiritual realm.

Blood is the currency that controls the spiritual realm. When a person becomes born again and their dead spirit is brought back to life, the currency that was paid is the precious blood of Jesus. For the believer, the blood of Jesus fuels everything good in life.

The same principle holds true in the satanic spiritual realm. This realm, too, has a medium of exchange that fuels all of the darkness we see in this fallen world. This currency is the innocent blood of the unborn children. This perverted used of blood is what the demonic forces feed on. Our nation will never be made right in the eyes of God until this atrocity is ended and outlawed.

Oklahoma has a candidate running for governor named Dan Fisher. Fisher, if elected, is committed to ending and outlawing abortion, thus making Oklahoma the first state to abolish abortion. Visit to learn more.

Fellow Oklahomans, we all have a part to play in ending abortion in our state. Remaining neutral is the same as consenting to this unthinkable atrocity.

Act now, stand up and be of good courage while our creator still affords us time, and let's end abortion in Oklahoma!

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