What types of games are covered by the compact?

The compact covers Class III gaming, which includes slot machines, roulette and craps. The compacts do not cover Class II gaming, which includes electronic bingo.

So Gov. Stitt says his demand to renegotiate the gaming compacts with Oklahoma's tribal governments "has nothing to do with revenue."

When they tell you it's not about the money, you can rest assured it's about the money.

Newly elected Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. was dead right when he said the state was trying to make up for a decade of poor fiscal decisions it had made.

Oklahoma's governor and Republican-dominated Legislature put public education, both common schools and higher education, on starvation budgets just to curry favor with Oklahoma's oil producers and other plutocrats by giving them tax breaks they didn't need.

Now, feeling the heat from education supporters, they are looking to Oklahoma's tribal nations to bail them out.

The loss of state revenue due to those ill-advised tax cuts do need to be made up, but the money should come from those who got unnecessary and undeserved tax breaks, not from our native people who have shown great wisdom by investing their gaming revenue in education, housing and health care.

That is unlike Oklahoma's government leaders, who do not seem to place much value on such things.

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New Cherokee Nation principal chief says tribe won't bail the state out for a decade of fiscal irresponsibility.

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