September 18, 1990: Oklahoma voters limit terms of legislators

There is a tsunami coming, and nobody is talking about it. I'm talking about the huge amount of kids that child protective services in the state Department of Human Services will soon have to deal with.

That is because of COVID-19 and all the underlying problems that have come with it.

If they have not already, many people will soon be losing their jobs, losing their business, unable to pay rent and losing their mortgage. That will cause many problems in the home, if they even have a home left.

Issues such as drug and alcohol abuse and spousal abuse will emerge.

Not only will there be a huge amount of children the state must care for, there will be fewer foster parents with the ability to take them in.

I do not have a solution to all of this, but I hope the powers in Oklahoma City are ready for all of this because it's coming.

Tamsen Bowles, Tulsa

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