Billionaire Robert Smith's generous move of paying off the student debts of the Morehouse College graduating class brings to mind the old saying that "No good deed goes unpunished."

In this case, I would paraphrase as "No generous deed goes unappreciated by all."

I hate to place myself into this category.

However, if I were a student of this class who had worked hard for years, saved my earnings and studied hard to earn good grades and test scores to qualify for scholarships — to say nothing of parental sacrifices —  in order to graduate without crushing debt, I could not help feeling somewhat resentful that others who were not so diligent were to be rewarded for their lack of industry and foresight.

I would like to see Smith consider turning loose a few more millions of his billions to recompense those who fit into this category for their good example and diligence.

Allow me to emphasize, however, that this opinion does diminish not my admiration for Smith's voluntary move.

Roger D. Williams, Tulsa

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