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Tulsa County Commissioners Ron Peters (from left), Karen Keith and Stan Sallee could ultimately decide the future of the 287(g) program. MATT BARNARD/Tulsa World

When the current 287(g) memorandum of agreement was signed, there were public meetings and comments.

Why would this current agreement be reopened to public meetings and comments when signing a one-year extension of an existing agreement?

When the agreement comes up for renewal in the 2020-2021, why would the Tulsa World editorial board doubt that the county would not open up the signing of a new agreement to public comment? ("County needs to listen," June 16.)

What the Tulsa World editorial board is basically guilty of is often referred to in sports as an anticipated call. No one is ever happy with an anticipated call.

The Tulsa World could be more pro-active and helpful if it would do what the local Spanish newspaper, La Semama, does to promote the story; post the offenses committed by those inmates reported to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The offenses reported are not traffic tickets.

Mike Peyton, Tulsa

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