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An oil pump operates in a canola field near Hennessey. SARAH PHIPPS/The Oklahoman file

I agree with Tom Seng in his letter “Thank oil producers"(Sept. 28). By devising horizontal drilling and hydrofracking techniques, energy companies have accessed tremendous amounts of natural gas and oil from shale beds not attainable before, thus giving us fossil fuel independence for the first time.

Availability of cleaner, safer and cheaper natural gas is rapidly replacing dirty, dangerous and toxic coal for generating electricity.

But this is not a time to rest on our laurels as electricity demands are growing. With global warming comes increased demand for air conditioning. Electric cars and hybrids are rapidly replacing fossil fuel cars.

Many naysayers only look at the initial cost of wind and solar installations and not at the hundreds of thousands of jobs created and the availability of cheap, renewable energy.

Producing electricity near the point of use reduces outages due to terrorists, storms, coronal mass ejections and routine line maintenance.

Despite much state and federal opposition, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory says that wind power has increased 396% in the past decade and solar power is up 956%.

By removing the many government stumbling blocks, the U.S. could become a world leader in innovation, manufacturing and installation of renewable energy worldwide.

The continued growth of natural gas together with the greatly expanded use of wind and solar can assure a strong economy as well as a cleaner environment.

Ray Bachlor, Tulsa

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