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U.S. Sens. James Inhofe (left) and James Lankford. Tulsa World file photos

I am very concerned that President Trump used the power of the presidency to withhold aid meant to stop Russian incursions into Ukraine in order to encourage a foreign government to interfere in our elections. Then he suppressed the whistleblower complaint.

In fact, Trump and his proxy, Rudy Giuliani, have openly admitted to this unlawful act.

I expect Rep. Kevin Hern, Sen. Jim Inhofe and Sen. James Lankford to pursue fully this matter, and if the reports are confirmed, to support the impeachment of Trump.

There are also indications that Vice President Mike Pence engaged in this same corrupt conduct by personally pressuring the Ukrainian president. This must also be investigated.

I urge my elected officials to do the right thing and stand up for the rule of law while we still have some scraps of our once-great republic intact.

The rule of law is what sets America apart. My representatives must set partisanship aside and protect what is uniquely American.

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