In response to some very negative letters written about President Trump, I would like to point out several facts that were not represented correctly.

First, Democrats have been saying since the day he was elected that he should be impeached.

Second, they tried to impeach him over the phony Russia hoax that Robert Mueller and the 13 Democrats he hired, some with ties to Hilary Clinton and her campaign, couldn't find any evidence that the president or his administration conspired with Russia.

Get over it.

Now we have the phony impeachment inquiry over his phone conversation with the Ukraine president. Read the transcript, there was no quid pro quo.

The Ukraine president didn't even know that the funds in question were held up until four weeks after the call.

Now we find out that the so-called whistleblower is a Democrat with ties to one of the Democratic presidential candidates and met with Adam Schiff's staff prior to filing the complaint. Schiff lied about that to the media.

This so-called inquiry should be held in the Judiciary Committee where it wouldn't be behind closed doors, and the public could see what is actually being said.

But, no, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wanted it in the Intelligence Committee so we can't see what is being said, and the Republicans cannot call witnesses.

Editor's Note: The whistleblower's identity and political party have not been released. On Oct. 9, President Trump tweeted that the whistleblower has a "conflict of interest and involvement with a Democrat" candidate. The Constitution does not provide a detailed process for impeachment, such as which committee should lead or investigate an impeachment inquiry. 

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