AP source: DOJ review of Russia probe now a criminal inquiry


“Heavens to Betsy!” I said to myself when I scanned George Will’s column on Oct. 18 (“Progressives too willing to cut constitutional corners.”)

He’s actually talking about President Trump and the fake family values crowd.

Perfect descriptions: “thrashing about in an attempt to be noticed … self-satisfied moral preening and a thirst for coercion … hard line against people who deviate … akin to enemies vanquished in wars … when tyrants snarl and grovel … great signaling, so relentless in its (Puritan) preening … concentration camps … (corporate) controlled broadcasters and … controlled commercial sponsors … infantilism … a national embarrassment — a weak nation’s idea of national strength … cut constitutional corners, to despise and bully adversaries and to practice theatrical but selective indignation about attacks on fundamental American principles some of which they themselves traduce. Just what we (do not) need in our dispiriting civic life.”

John Merritt, Tulsa

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