I want to thank the Tulsa World for all it does. What it publishes is by no means "fake news."

In this day and time, I wonder about the future if President Trump wins the next election. He has called our allies weak and has not stayed in some of the agreements we had.

Trump said President Obama was weak on Iran. Then, he took us out of the U.S.-Iran agreement, and now Iraq has enriched its nuclear stockpile.

Still, there is no agreement.

Russia likes Iran, and Trump tries to bully his way, which is no matter of diplomacy.

Trump tried to get a citizenship question added to the census, and it went to the Supreme Court, which questioned its purpose.

 Even two border security agents, who liked Trump, have said Obama's policies worked better.

Trump said he would drain the swamp in Washington, but it is worse than it was.

I listen to the news; one popular news network reported all the border information was untrue. Yet, the Homeland Security inspector general issued a report stating inhumane conditions were true.

Trump said he could make agreements. But I question and take a look at the response to what he has agreed on. Oh, I forgot, North Korea now will have nuclear weapons without sanctions. God bless America.

Lanny Eubanks, Coffeyville, Kansas

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