Inhofe snowball

Framegrab from C-Span of Jim Inhofe with snowball back in March 2015

The column from Kip Rabinowitz was well-written and shows that English composition is alive and well at Booker T. Washington High School ("Young Americans know who will have to live with the consequences of global climate change, and they want action now," May 26).

Too bad the science is not up to snuff.

Sen. Jim Inhofe knows very well that we are in a long period of global warming. His offering of a snowball was irony to the green extremists who seize every storm and twitch of the thermometer to claim the climate sky is falling.

The earth’s average temperature may have risen 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit in the last 120-plus years although we are still trying to figure out how to measure that.

That is certainly no proof that the increase was caused by man-made carbon dioxide emissions. Geoscientists will say we have been in a period of global warming for the last 10,000 to 12,000 years and that we probably have another 10,000 years of warming.

That has been the climate pattern for at least the last million years. The change in climate is the result of the changing amount of heat we receive from the sun.

Yes, theoretically an increase in carbon dioxide will cause us to retain more heat, but the amount is insignificant compared to the total.

If our government impoverishes our nation and destroys our economy by instituting foolish restrictions and spending there will be a lot of boiling blood!

John A. Brock, Tulsa

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