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A group of topless men and women roller skate down the path at River Parks in Tulsa on September 29, 2019. JOSEPH RUSHMORE for Tulsa World

What were the topless skaters thinking?

Did they completely forget their mothers and grandmothers who worked their entire adult lives to gain credibility and respect in colleges, universities and workplaces?

Those women demonstrated and clawed their way to gain the simple privileges of having their own credit card, retail store accounts, bank loan for cars or houses, a fair shake in a divorce court and employment while pregnant.

They fought for the right not to be refused a job if young and married. It was believed women would get pregnant and quit.

They earned the right to be taken seriously in law school or medical school and be part of the political process by voting and sitting in seats of government.

These mothers and grandmothers fought tooth and nail for these privileges and more.

There is more to accomplish since the federal government still has not passed the Equal Rights Amendment.

Appearing topless in public is a self-serving stunt which will not make women equal to men but will erode the credibility of all women and the rights we have fought for.

We didn’t strive, plan and march and take second best for the right to skate topless.

Put the shirts back on and go enjoy the rights we earned!

While at it, see what about pushing through that Equal Rights Amendment.

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