Oklahoma Legislature

Oklahoma House Speaker Charles McCall joins Gov. Kevin Stitt and his daughters in the hall after a press conference Monday, March 16, 2020. [Photo by Doug Hoke/The Oklahoman]

It used to be we could look to those in authority for guidance and reassurance in difficult times.

At least in public, we looked to them for setting the tone and standard of thoughtful and responsible behavior.

It would appear that, in these days of broadcasting social media, we're faced with the grim reality that those in authority have always felt above the fray and that the rules simply just don't apply to them.

How can our governor even whisper about commonsense while beaming to the world his contempt for the facts we're all facing today?

I'd like to give the guy a break about posting a photo of him and two children at a crowded Oklahoma City restaurant by saying it was early in the pandemic.

Even so, he was celebrating the fact that the place was "packed." Hooray!

Appearances are everything when you're in the public eye and even more so when one chooses to make private moments, public. That's commonsense.

J. Steven Scott, Tulsa

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