Gov. Kevin Stitt talks about the state of tribal gaming compact negotiations during a press conference on the fourth floor of the state Capitol in Oklahoma City, Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019. NATE BILLINGS/The Oklahoman

In U.S. history, 500 treaties between Native American tribes and the government were all broken by the government. Gov. Kevin Stitt is wanting to break another one.

Treaties are same as contracts and compacts. Now we have 501 broken treaties for same historic reasons: valuable land, gold and other things of value belonging to tribes. In this case, it is money earned by tribes. 

For the first time in many years, Oklahoma Native American tribes have a big winner, casinos. Gov. Kevin Stitt will go down in history as just another treaty buster after money.

Often, a millionaire businessman-turned-politician thinks everyone will totally follow his commands. But here, Stitt made a rookie politician’s dumb mistake and stubbornly will not back off from his unwinnable position.

However, on the positive side, Stitt united all Oklahoma tribes, which could be fatal for his and others of same party during elections. With many tribal members considering changing their party affiliation, it makes you wonder his motive?

The answer is that raising casino percentages will bring the state millions annually, which Stitt would offset with similar millions in tax cuts for his party’s wealthy members.

As a non-tribal citizen knowing the terrible history of Native American tribes, Stitt’s treaty busting is history repeating its shameful self.

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