These are the 10 Adverse Childhood Experiences

These ACEs make up the ACE test.

The Tulsa World series on childhood trauma in Oklahoma is important and revealing. Letting people know of the issue and offering solutions are the best things the Tulsa World can do and what I believe newspapers are for!

It’s embarrassing for Oklahoma to be way down the list when it comes to teacher pay, corruption in politics, bad roads, health care and overcrowded prisons.

Raising awareness will certainly help alleviate the problem and save a lot of kids from the pain and lasting effects of trauma at a young age.

Like most citizens, I had no idea such a thing was happening. I thank the Tulsa World staff for tackling such an important issue and gathering a knowledgeable group of experts to assure it’s handled properly.

The Tulsa World is doing our city a great service, keep up the good work!

Editor's Note: The Tulsa World launched an 8-day series last week that examines the state's high childhood trauma rate, measured by a tool known as Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs. All the stories can be found at

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