Inhofe snowball

Framegrab from C-Span of Jim Inhofe with snowball back in March 2015

The letter “Climate is changing” is absolutely correct in stating that even a 5-year-old can see that our climate is changing, and I applaud the writer for speaking out.

However I disagree that 47-year-olds do not realize that global warming is real. Because many must support families and others are motivated by greed, they feel that they must ignore the obvious for short-term profit.

Corporate interests control many of our elected representatives, causing the government to pass laws favoring corporate profits over human — and animal/global — welfare.

Presently, the federal government forbids the use of terms such as “global warming” and “climate change” in all government documents.

They have pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, advocated the increased use of dirty coal, overturned clean air and water regulations and forced the resignation of hundreds of scientists all for increased profits.

While I agree with the letter writer’s ways to reduce our carbon footprint, I would add an emphasis on renewable energy, especially solar and wind, and replacement of gasoline and diesel engines.

For a better understanding of why and how the petroleum industry controls the world, denies global warming and muddies the water of public thinking, I suggest reading Rachel Maddow’s book “Blowout.”

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