In 1970, there were 200 million people living in the United States, and about 6% were deemed mentally ill, which is about 12 million people.

In 2019, there are 355 million people in this country and 6% are mentally ill, to be roughly 22 million.

So in about 50 years we have added 10 million mentally ill people to the same geographical space.

During that time,  the NRA and the gun nuts have gone from an organization devoted to gun safety to an organization dedicated to putting guns into the hands of every spit-droolin' moron who wants one.

The NRA opposes even the most reasonable of gun safety measures and obstructs the most rational legislative approaches that would make this country a better, safer place.

Do I support ending private gun ownership in this country? No, I do not. I own guns.

But I am a supporter of tighter gun ownership laws and don't apologize for that.

We live in a free market society, yet the cowards in the gun lobby have carved out a liability waiver for themselves. It's time to remove that protection.

Let these companies market their products in a marketplace with the right to sue them for the carnage they cause. Do that and most of these guns will go the way of the lawn dart.

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