A rendering shows expansions and renovations to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless at 415 W. Archer St. Courtesy

Word gets out. Fast. Not just in the back alleys and side streets of downtown Tulsa, but all over the Midwest.

The solution to being homeless is just a bus ticket away. Cheap solution. Hey, come to Tulsa where there are three meals a day, a fitness center and laundry services. Yes, there is a laundry service at the Day Center for the Homeless.

For $16 million, I’ll bet that you could buyout the entire flooded Town and County housing addition in west Tulsa County. That’s where the real need is ("Day Center for Homeless reaches fundraising goal, breaks ground on facility expansion," June 5).

A little tone deaf for the Tulsa World editorial staff to be celebrating in print the expansion of homeless services in Tulsa when so many are facing the hardship from flooded homes ("Tulsa World editorial: Tulsa rallies to the Day Center for the Homeless cause," June 8).

If it weren’t for our cold winters, the homeless problem would be even worse.

How many bus tickets could be bought for $16 million? Get ‘em on down the road to warmer climes.

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