I did not vote for Gov. Kevin Stitt, but I will next time if he runs for reelection. He is the only elected official with the courage to confront the tribes trying to get them to pay gambling fees comparable to those paid by tribes in other states.

That would only be fair if they are to be allowed to continue to have a monopoly with no outside competition.

Oklahoma tribes are spending a lot of money on television commercials telling us how great they are. Those compliments would be more impressive if they were coming from someone else rather than themselves.

Their claims that gambling grows the state economy are completely false.

We stimulate our economy only when we spend our money on something that has value, and gambling produces nothing of value. Gambling simply passes money from the loser to the winner after the casinos take their cut.

Gambling is the cause of many social problems for the losers who far outnumber the winners, and there is not a single benefit.

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