As an Oklahoman, I believe strongly in individual rights and cannot stand arbitrary and capricious government overreach.

Recently, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services began sending out denial letters to people applying for medical deferred action, a long-standing program allowing noncitizens with serious medical conditions to extend their stay for treatment.

With no advance notice, no change in the law and not even any stated reason, this big-government agency is now changing the rules and trying to force cancer patients out of their hospital beds.

In many cases, they came to the U.S. for treatments only available here, in a manner fully compliant with all laws and regulations and are now being stepped on by an agency seemingly eager to push the limits of its power just for the sake of doing it.

These actions not only hurt families and damage the reputation of the country, they also bring all of our freedoms into question. If the rules can change at any moment with no warning, we are all at risk of government tyranny.

While these first reported incidents were in Massachusetts, I have no doubt that if immigration enforcement can get away with this there, they will try it here.

For the sake of our freedoms and those of the people around us, I ask my fellow Oklahomans to speak out against this unfair practice before it comes to our state.

Connor Swan, Tulsa

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