Aerial Flooding

The HollyFrontier Refinery has flood waters encroach on the Arkansas River on Friday, May 24, 2019. TOM GILBERT/Tulsa World

A recent letter opened the door for re-examination of Vision 2025 Arkansas River $127 million in river amenities projects. It ought to be done by an independent group of professionals without political or contract ties ("Flooding means re-thinking Vision funds to use for new low-water dam," May 29).

Bring in Dutch levee experts to factor in man-made global warming! Think about the following information:

Officials never mention Holly Frontier Refinery, yet it’s our greatest environmental and commercial risk in next the record flood! Why’s this sacred cow not discussed?

The Vision 2025 voting public was assured Arkansas River waters were approved for full body contact: swimmable in the rebuilt Zink Pond. I've made repeated requests for certification and received none.

Once the hydrologists factor in record flows of the recent flood, will Vision's new Zink Dam and Kayak Canal merits stand?

Since pedestrian bridge didn’t budge during this flood, why not do a Home Depot remodel for several million rather than the Vision scheduled $24.5 million replacement for Golden Gate Jr. Bridge?

From the voter-approved $127 million for Arkansas River amenities, savings by these proposals are estimated at $100 million. Put $10 million aside for May flood repairs.

The remaining $90 million could be used for Greenwood District improvements, selected by its citizens, as long overdue partial restitution for the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.

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