Ramble Lawn at Gathering Place Sept. 11, 2018. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World

It looks like the courts will have to decide whether the Gathering Place was actually donated to the City of Tulsa as referenced in several news stories; as the largest private gift to a public park in U.S. history.

Courts will have to decide if it is still privately owned by the George Kaiser Family Foundation and not subject to Oklahoma statute 21 O.S. §1277 B 4, which excludes public parks as places of unlawful places to openly carry a gun.

Also, it is not clear if George Kaiser Family Foundation, Gathering Place and the Tulsa Police Department will follow 21 O.S. §1290.22 B, which is about business owners' rights and prohibits keeping people from transporting and storing firearms in locked vehicles in parking lots.

A question remains about what happens to walkers, runners and bicyclists who want to continue using these trails while carrying a legally concealed weapon for their personal protection.

Bill Mauerman, Tulsa

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