The coveted summer season has officially started for Oklahoma teens.

Unfortunately, it is also the most dangerous season on our roads for them.

Each year during the 100 deadliest days of summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day) the number of crash fatalities involving teen drivers rises.

School’s out and inexperienced teens spend more time behind the wheel where they embrace happy-go-lucky summer mantras, live by their ever-present belief of invincibility and make unsafe driving decisions.

Crash data from 2013-2017 tells the story with major factors contributing to fatal teen crashes during the summer included: speeding (28%), drinking and driving (17%) and distraction (9%), and teens admit to these dangerous behaviors!

When asked by AAA in a recent survey, half said they had read a text and/or sped in the past 30 days. Teens are unique and wonderful, but they are also vulnerable and not always mature enough to protect their lives or those of others with whom they share the road.

All involved with teens must take action to help ensure their safety.

Set rules and keep them with a parent-teen driving agreement available at

Reckless driving decisions should not be laughed off or tolerated. Lessons learned by loss of privileges are far better than loss of a precious teen’s life.

Let’s make the summer of 2019 one when treasured teens in Oklahoma are held accountable for safe driving and dreams can be chased for a lifetime rather than extinguished.

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