I am 74 years old. I work every day. I have had a total of six back surgeries. The last included titanium to support my lower back.

With that surgery came arthritis and more back pain. Those who wrote Oklahoma Senate Bill 848 did not take into account people like me who regularly see doctors and try to take care of themselves.

I wake up every day with pain and go to bed every night with pain.

Now, to get a prescription I have to go every 30 days just to see the doctor for a refill or go online for an e-visit costing $35 each. Only then can I get approval for a prescription.

Really? Whoever wrote this law did not consider people like me.

I do not like being treated like a criminal. I know (fighting opioids) is popular right now, and, yes, I know if you abuse these drugs it will kill you.

But for people like me who need help with pain to survive, this law is ridiculous.

Editor's Note: Senate Bill 848 modified Senate Bill 1446 from the previous session that had established prescription pill counts every seven days for Schedule II drug and opioids.

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