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The Association of Oklahoma General Contractors (AOGC) commends the work of Gov. Stitt and our state legislators for their work to fully fund the eight-year plan and for placing a priority to set aside $200 million in savings for the next time we need it most.

This new dedication to savings will help make sure that all core government services are protected not if, but when, our state’s next economic downturn occurs.

We have seen firsthand the multi-year perils of our state operating without a "Rainy Day" Fund.

Attempting to fix our last budget deficit without a savings account siphoned off hundreds of millions of dollars from the state’s core services such as roads and bridges, public safety, health services and education, which severely impacted our citizens' ability to thrive.

I am ever hopeful that we have learned from the folly of our state’s recent past. Without an established state savings account, all Oklahomans suffer and will suffer again when the next downturn occurs.

The AOGC applauds the foresight of our governor and legislators shown this session that establishes a means for us, regardless of industry or agency, to weather economic conditions while ensuring stability with limited disruptions to services for Oklahomans.

Undoubtedly, their commonsense solution will put Oklahoma on the road to a strong economic future.

Editor's Note: Bobby Stem is the executive director of the Association of Oklahoma General Contractors.

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