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The outside of the First Presbyterian Church, 709 South Boston Ave. on Jan. 20, 2020. TOM GILBERT/Tulsa World

Letters to the Editor usually focus on concerns or problems. But this letter is different.

It’s simply a letter of joy and gratitude, celebrating the life and service of a most remarkable man in our city: Ronald John Pearson.

May 11 was Ron’s 70th birthday. He moved to Tulsa in 1974, and since that time has served as the organist (and later choirmaster) of the downtown First Presbyterian Church.

His ministry continues after 46 years of faithful service. In that time, tens of thousands have gathered in the First Church sanctuary, led into worship at times of great joy and deep sadness — with Ron at the bench.

An expert in his craft as organist and choirmaster, Ron wraps himself in humility, a deep faith and a joyful heart.

As his colleague for almost 30 years, I join many in thanking the Lord for his life, his faithfulness and his friendship.

I hope he continues to serve as organist until he is 125 years old, or longer if he desires!

As Ron would say, “Soli Deo Gloria!”: To God alone be the glory!

Pastor James D. Miller, Tulsa

Editor's Note: James D. Miller is the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Tulsa.

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