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Officer Justin Beal and Officer Stephen Blaylock of the Tulsa Police Department Gang Unit take down an armed suspect who was resisting arrest, as shown in a screengrab from an A&E episode of “Live PD.” COURTESY

As always, the Tulsa World editorial has it wrong. We need “Live PD” and TV shows like it to remind us just how hard our police officers in Tulsa and around the country have to work to protect us (“Policing isn’t entertainment: Tulsa should pull the plug on ‘Live PD,’"Jan. 20).

The show also shows the lack of respect and responsibility people have for our laws and law enforcement officers.

If these people had any regard for our laws, they would have a driver’s license and insurance cards and would work for a living. They would not be having these worst moments mentioned in the editorial.

Drugs, drunk drivers, armed robbers and home invaders are a clear danger to our communities.

These law breakers do not care about you. Take off “Live PD?” No, I’d rather say thank you to the Tulsa Police Department and all law enforcement standing on the line every day to protect us.

We the people do not let a left-wing editorial department and a few crybabies tell us what we watch.

Jack DeLaughter, Tulsa

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