In regards to a letter concerning mass shootings and violent video games, it's time to look at the facts (“Video games, TV and movies are to blame for young men motivated toward mass shootings,” Aug. 13).

In a video posted on Business Insider on April 4, 2018, Steve Kovach said: "Just because young males tend to play video games and also tend to be the ones who commit mass shootings, doesn't mean the two are linked. It's like saying all shooters wear sneakers, therefore sneakers cause gun violence. “

He notes that the industry makes it difficult for youth to access violent games but no correlation exists between violence and gaming. Next, he questions behavior in other countries with a gaming culture.

“Japan is a great example. Video games are deeply ingrained in the culture, and they're often more violent or perverted than what you find in the U.S. Guess how many gun deaths there are in Japan? Fewer than 10 most years, in a country of about 127 million."

Psychology professor Patrick Markey says violent crimes actually decrease when new violent games, such as “Call of Duty,” are released.

If playing violent video games cause young men to commit violent crimes, then mass shootings in other countries would be higher.

More likely, these shooters had underlying mental health issues and access to guns. Video games may have played a slight role but is not the primary factor.

I have two teenage sons who sometimes play violent video games or watch movies with violence. Yet, they manage to go about every day without committing violent crimes, as do thousands upon thousands of young men.

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