Joe Biden, while vice president, and his son, Hunter, were involved in some questionable business ventures in Ukraine and attempted to shake off a prosecutor getting too close to their activities.

President Donald Trump asked the president of Ukraine, who is our ally, to investigate what kind of corruption the Bidens were up to.

Now, not only are the Democrats trying to shut up Trump, they have impeached him and are seriously trying to overturn the 2016 election results.

If you want to get technical, it appears as if Trump is the actual whistleblower. What’s worse is how Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep.Adam Schiff preach about honoring the Constitution as they simultaneously stage a coup to dethrone the person who the American voters picked.

At what point do laws against treason still apply?

What’s frightening is that the president is the most powerful man in America and world. If he can have his phone calls bugged and taken out of context then be railroaded without due process, then what would the deep state be capable of doing to an ordinary citizen?

Maybe we should re-evaluate some of the things we were taught as children about how America operates. Perhaps the president is not the most powerful man in the country?

Who’s to say that the major shots are not being called by men few people have even heard of, operating in a smoke-filled room somewhere.

Andrew Dennehy, Hominy

Editor’s Note: Presidential calls are monitored by intelligence agencies as protocol. There is no evidence of illegal or wrongful recording or monitoring of President Trump’s phone conversations.

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