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Joli Beasley took this photo of a coyote in her backyard last year. She lives near 41st and Peoria in an area that is part of a greenbelt that connects several neighborhoods, including Woodland Park, nearer 21st Street. The Beasley family lost a small dog to coyotes. JOLI BEASLEY/Courtesy

As I read the distressing tale of the cat owner's loss of her pet, Sweetie, to urban coyotes my heart went out to her ("Cat owner, 81, patrols for predators after coyote killed her 20-pound feline John Wayne," Aug. 21).

I, too, have two small pets that could become victims. The advice from the wildlife experts was excellent, but I would like to add behaviors of coyotes that should be reported immediately to animal control officials:

1) Any coyote accepting deliveries from the ACME Company;

2) Any coyote seen lighting the fuse to a rocket;

3) Any coyote strapped to a rocket;

4) Any coyote launching itself into the air using a catapult or giant sling shot;

5) Any coyote seen dropping an anvil from a hot air balloon and

6) Any coyote posting signs such as "Detour" or "Free Bird Seed."

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