While the majority of Oklahomans probably don’t support President Trump’s impeachment, the U.S. House has a Constitutional obligation to prosecute the phony president since he began attacking ethnic minorities of this country, regardless of political feasibility.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's slow and painful descent into official impeachment proceedings, despite ample evidence and mounting pressure from her own colleagues months ago, reveals the stark reality that moderate Democrats prefer comfort over racial justice.

The moderate stance on impeachment is like the moderate stance on every other aspect of politics, from addressing drugs to climate change: Until a majority of white people are concerned, it's not an issue worth solving.

That is how white supremacy works on the Democratic side. And that is why leaving politics to the moderates has allowed Republicans to bring Oklahoma to No. 1 for incarceration rates per capita.

Moderates on their best day are willing to sacrifice the lives of ethnic and political minorities for their own comfort.

To focus impeachment only on the Ukraine controversy is a faulty premise that not only weakens the Democrats' case, but also reveals their willful neglect of the president’s white nationalist rhetoric, practices and polices toward the very marginalized communities that voted them into power.

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