Virus Outbreak Oklahoma

State Sen. Tom Dugger (right) R-Stillwater, is among the legislators wearing face masks during a news conference on a budget agreement Monday. House and Senate leaders announced a $7.7 billion spending plan for the upcoming fiscal year. Sue Ogrocki/AP

In regards to the fight against the COVID-19 virus, public health should take precedence over individual freedoms.

Most people are OK with wearing a mask in closed spaces. The mask protects others from you.

Incidentally, I have much more trust in the mainstream media and Bill Gates than President Donald Trump and Fox News.

In my view, all people entering a business should wear masks. A person has the freedom to not patronize that business if wearing a mask is too much.

Consider other customers who are willing to follow the rules to protect others. I am more than angry about the woman in Oklahoma City who allegedly shot teenage McDonald's workers who were simply doing their jobs by keeping the dining area closed.

What kind of people would react that way?

Phil Adams, Tulsa

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